Technical visit

Monday, January 27th, 2014

The opportunity to visit SOLEIL Synchrotron is proposed to OPTRO 2014 delegates, the day before the opening of the Symposium.
Both a research laboratory and a very high-level scientific resource serving thousands of users, SOLEIL Synchrotron has a double vocation: to make the highest-performing experimental facilities in the world available to its users, and to develop cutting-edge internal scientific research activity around the synchrotron beam..


SOLEIL Synchrotron, inaugurated on December 18, 2006, brings together the whole of the French and International scientific community. It required five years to bring this very high-tech and up to date equipment, installed on the “Plateau de Saclay” (20 km SW from Paris) at the heart of a very high-level scientific environment. Now, the facility is open to users, researchers in various disciplines looking for the highest-performing techniques to access to the intimate geometry of the material, as well as its chemical, magnetic, and electric properties.


The visit will include:

The technical visit is available to the Conference Delegates at the additional cost of 65€.
The tour includes coach transfers and lunch.
Number of participants is limited.

For information and registration, please contact


What is SOLEIL?

SOLEIL is a very powerful source that can be used to explore matter. More specifically, it is a research centre that produces and uses synchrotron light emission. This radiation is provided all along a storage ring with a perimeter of 354 metres, in which high energy electrons circulate at close to the speed of light. Harnessed at different points around the ring, this radiation is directed to exits, the SOLEIL beamlines. Each beamline is a laboratory in its own right, equipped to prepare and analyze the samples under study and to treat the data collected. The experimental program foresees the availability of 26 beamlines with an average of 2,000 users per year.